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Callaway Performance Center

The Callaway Performance Centre, one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Eastern Canada that specializes in custom club fitting. Open all year, the Performance Center gives you access to certified professionals and specialists in golf club adjustments, as well as multiple top of the line technologies to help you play the best golf of your life!


Here is an overview of the various analysis technologies available at Le Mirage :


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The most advanced computing platform available on the market today, generating extremely precise data related to the club and the ball. This is allmade possible by the use of the Foresight HMT radar.


Trackman 4 combines the capabilities of a radar and optical sensor to provide high-precision information that allows professionals to properly guide you in your choice of clubs and in the analysis of your swing.


What is club fitting?

Nowadays, buying golf clubs without a fitting is like buying a pair of shoes without taking the time to check the size. Playing with custom fitted clubs has a direct impact on the results of a round of golf. The clubs offered at the golf shop are all designed according to general specifications. If you don't match these specifications exactly, the equipment won't fit you, and without adjustment it will be more difficult to achieve an optimal performance.

An incredible number of new models, new materials and new concepts are introduced on the market every year by the manufacturers. There is plenty to get lost in the shuffle! Club fitting therefore becomes essential.

That's why we strongly recommend that all golfers consult one of our certified professionals for this service, right here at the Callaway Performance Centre on the Mirage site, before investing in new equipment.

2022 rates for members
Full session (2 hours) $140
Individual session – long game (woods or irons) (1 hour) $70
Individual session – short game (wedges or putter) (1 heure) $60
Every additional hour $30

Taxes not included

2022 rates for non-members
Full sessions (2 hours) $160
Individual session – long game (woods or irons) (1 hour) $85
Individual session – short game (wedges or putter) (1 hour) $70
Every additional hour $55

Taxes not included


  1. SHAFT LENGTH : The length of the shaft determines the point of impact of the ball on the club face.
  2. THE FLEXIBILITY AND MATERIAL OF THE SHAFT : Flexibility influences the trajectory of the ball, accuracy, distance and the regularity of the shots.
  3. THE LIE ANGLE : The angle formed by the shaft and the heel of the club makes it possible to touch the ground with the centre of the sole of the club head. If the heel is high, this will cause an outer curve (slice). If the other end of the club head is raised, it will result in an inner curve (hook).
  4. GRIP SIZE : Linked to the length of the fingers and hand, and the golfer's ability to turn the club face and release the wrists after impact.
  5. COMPOSITION OF YOUR EQUIPMENT SET : Evaluation of the distance between each club in order to determine the number of degrees required between the clubs.

Our Performance Centre is equipped with a sophisticated Foresight and Trackman radar that measures a multitude of data such as club-head speed, ball speed, release angle, retro and lateral ball effect, range and total distance to name a few. By accurately measuring all these factors and focusing on other details of your golf swing, we can provide you with clubs that meet your specific needs and enhance your performance.

When you return to the golf courses with your custom-fit equipment, you'll not only be proud of your decision, you'll be even more confident. Improving performance starts with club fitting at the Callaway Performance Centre at Le Mirage.

Our experts are:

Yvan Benoît
David Tremblay
Pierre Couillard
Alex Legault
René Laporte

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