Junior Program


Junior Program

We offer educational programs for all levels in order to develop the next generation!


The junior members league is back in 2024. The goal of this league

  • That the juniors get to know each other better
  • To not always make the juniors play with the same people
  • To properly supervise our juniors during a round of golf
  • To show them game strategies
  • To encourage them to play more often and allow them to have good games every week
  • This league is also intended to be educational since juniors will have the opportunity every week to play with a professional or an elite player from our club

The spirit of camaraderie is in order and we show them how to have fun while improving themselves.

Among all the participants, we form two teams, that of Debbie Savoy Morel and that of André Desy. Following a points system every week, there will be a team that will win the Debbie Savoy Morel Cup in mid-August.

We look forward to seeingyou in great numbers and happy golfing to all our junior members!

Junior Clinics

Junior Room

The junior room is the headquarters, the place where young people can socialize before or after a game of golf and even at all times. This is the place for our youth!

This well-furnished and very aesthetic room offers several possibilities for juniors such as relaxation, watching TV and movies, playing the X-Box, or even having snacks with friends. It is the ideal home for summer camps and the junior courses of the relief, hope and development program .  

There are two large bulletin boards in this room so they can read all the information relating to the junior program, such as registrations for activities and tournaments, results of the junior league, other news, photos, etc…

Young people feel at home! This room is even the envy of parents!

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